a sexy queer comedy by Cheryl Dunye

Germany 2012, col. 68 min, HD

Production: Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion, Cheryl Dunye, Claus Matthes

With: Papí Coxxx, Lil Harlow, Maggie Tapert, Wieland Speck, Cheryl Dunye, Stefan Kuschner, Jiz Lee, Judy Minx, Océan Leroy

In matters of love... listen to your mommy!

Dylan is having troubles with her girlfriend Claudia: while Dylan mostly wants sex, Claudia is looking for affection. To top it all, her mother Helen just announced her visit. Set in the international creative melting pot Berlin, this raunchy, explicit romantic comedy of errors confronts the last lesbian taboo: Mommy.


International Premiere: Berlinale Panorama 2012

Cinemarges Bordeaux LGBT FF 2012

London LGBT FF 2012

Melbourne Queer FF 2012

Cinemarger Bordeaux LGBT FF 2012

Internationales Frauenfilmfestival Cologne 2012

Nice LGBT IFF 2012

L-Beach 2012

Fairytales IFF 2012

Cinema Utopia Toulouse 2012

PopPorn FF Sao Paulo 2012

Tel Aviv LGBT IFF 2012

Fairytales IFF 2012

Framline San Francisco 2012

Philadelphia QFest 2012

Outfest L.A. 2012

Sziget Rock Festival 2012

Gaze FF Dublin 2012

Queer Lisboa 2012

MIX Copenhagen 2012

MIX New York 2012

Women’s FF Taipeh 2012

Cheries Cheries Paris 2012

MIX Brasil 2012

Montreal LGBT FF 2012

Ljubljana LGBT FF 2012

Brisbane Queer FF 2013

Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2013

Digital Desperados Summer Season 2016

Glitch FF 2017


Orgasmic Original Concept - Feminist Porn Award Toronto 2012